Central lip lift surgery
Lip lift is a surgical procedure, which aims to reduce the distance between the columella (base of the nose) and the vermilion border (red upper lip line). This distance tends to elongate with age, although it can be congenitally long even in young people.
Reducing the height of the philtrum (upper lip vertical height) can result in a more balanced proportion in the anatomical area between the base of the nose and the chin, and overall can improve the facial aesthetics.
Mr Orfaniotis has developed an expertise in Facial and Lip surgery, and is now one of the leading surgeons in the UK for Lip Lift surgery.
His extensive experience along with his reconstructive backgroung allows him to use bespoke surgical techniques in order to achieve the best results for his patients. Mr Orfaniotis is also able to offer revisional procedures for Lip lifts performed elsewhere, for suitable patients.