Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery is done to change your appearance. For some, it may mean redesigning the body's contour and shape, smoothing wrinkles, or eliminating balding areas. Others may choose varicose vein treatment or breast augmentation. There are a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that men and women can choose from to create an image that makes them feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance.
Cosmetic surgery can be performed on any part of the face and body.
Blepharoplasty is the plastic surgery operation for correcting defects, deformities, and disfigurations of the eyelids; and for aesthetically modifying the eye region of the face. With the excision and the removal, or the repositioning (or both) of excess tissues, such as skin and adipocyte fat, and the reinforcement of the corresponding muscle and tendon tissues, the blepharoplasty procedure resolves functional and cosmetic problems of the periorbital, which is the area from the eyebrow to the upper portion of the cheek. The procedure is more common among women, who accounted for approximately 85% of blepharoplasty.
Brow Lift
A brow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that repositions your forehead to raise the brow, reduce wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance.
As you age, your skin loses elasticity. The accumulated effect of sun damage weakens skin and gravity pulls your brow down, which causes wrinkles. On your forehead, you may have “frown lines” between your eyebrows that make you look serious or angry. You may also develop horizontal lines. The outside of your brow may sag, which makes you look sad or tired because of drooping eyebrows. If you’re looking to correct these natural changes to your body, a brow lift might be right for you.

Lipotransfer is a procedure where fat is taken from one part of the body and is moved to another. Many patients use this procedure to add volume to their face.
This process starts by first having liposuction done in the area where the excess fat is being removed. This fat is then purified and inserted into the area that is to be enhanced. One of the benefits of lipotransfer is that since it’s using your own fat, it’s natural and it is less likely that your body is going to have a negative reaction to the procedure.
The purpose of lipotransfer is to help you enhance a part of your body that you feel needs a little bit more girth. If you feel that your cheeks are sunken in, lipotransfer can give your face the full, round, youthful appearance you want.
Lip lift
A lip lift is an in-office surgical procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip, known as the “philtrum.”
The procedure increases the amount of pink tissue that’s visible which makes the lips look fuller and more pronounced. It also increases how much of your upper central teeth show when your lips are resting.
It’s a good option for people who want to add height instead of volume to their lips.
Buccal fat removal
The goal of buccal fat removal is to thin the cheeks, specifically in the area of the cheek hollows. Although a face that is naturally soft and filled out is considered youthful, some people find that their face feels too full, even chubby.
A buccal fat removal removes the buccal fat pad, a naturally-occurring pad of fat in the cheek hollow area. The size of the buccal fat pad varies with each individual patient, and the buccal fat pad in each cheek may be different sizes. Buccal fat pad extraction surgery is typically not performed in people with thin, narrow faces as removal of the fat may cause the face to look more gaunt with age.
Thread lift
A thread lift is a nonsurgical procedure that lifts sagging, aging skin and stimulates collagen production to give your face or neck a more youthful appearance. Dermatologists place medical-grade thread under the skin to pull the skin into position. These threads activate the body’s natural healing response, triggering the increase of collagen. Threads come in several different materials and lengths.
Unlike a facelift, a thread lift is a nonsurgical procedure that creates subtle changes. It’s often called a “lunchtime facelift” because it’s such a quick procedure with minimal downtime.
Skin cancer surgery
Surgery is a common treatment for skin cancer.
Surgical options for skin cancer vary according to the location, type and size of the cancerous tissue, as well as the stage of the disease.
Surgery for smaller, less complicated skin tumors can often be performed using local numbing medication.
Larger or more complicated tumors may require a more comprehensive operation, followed by procedures to restore form and function to the affected area.
Skin cancer surgery options:
●     Cryosurgery
●     Curettage and Electrosurgery
●     Mohs Surgery
●     Wide Local Excision
●     Skin Grafting and Skin Flaps